How To Deal With Fear

Learning how to deal with fear is a complicated issue, as many people find that fear paralyzes them and doesn’t allow them to go about their lives freely. Next are a few techniques that will help you deal with situations where fear overcomes you, so that you can live freely and happily.

One of the things you can do is make your fear a person; this means, pretend like your fear is an actual being, a character that symbolizes what scares you and that you can talk to. The personality of your fear character can be anything you want, from a loner, a kid who is a domineering jerk or a even a mystical creature like a dragon or a unicorn.

Whatever you chose, make sure you spend time creating your character with detail and that shows how the voice of fear feels inside you. Give your character a name and talk to it when fear overcomes you. Making it an actual being makes understanding it easier for you to cope with your fear. You can talk to it of you so desire, be it in a situation where you are actually afraid or when you are calm.

The character also lets you separate the genuine you from the piece of you that is anxious. Your fears originate from that instinctual part of the cerebrum that looks to dodge hazard at any cost. It doesn’t come from your internal self, it is not logical. Naming the voice of fear, picturing it as a character will help make fear a more logical thing, as well as it will help you get back in control of your emotions. This is a great technique for how to deal with fear.

Another thing you can do is understand that whatever fear you have, it is probably based on a fantasy, not on real danger. The frightful piece of us overprotective and makes little sense. It may be stating your plane will fall down, or that nobody will like you or your thoughts. It may be stating that moving to another city could end your career, or picking the partner could wreck devastation on your life. When your fear is based on probabilities but not on possibilities, you should stop and ask yourself, “Is what I am scared of a real possibility?”. If you think that logically the chances of what you are afraid of happening actually happening are very slim, then you should admit that you are afraid of something that will never happen.

Another good advice on how to deal with fear is to associate your fear with something you love. Human psyche makes it so that a person can not be afraid and love something at the same time; the 2 feelings cannot exist at the same time. If you do this, the fear will slowly start to disappear, until only a good feeling is associated. Try these and see how they help you deal with fear.

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